I’m #VenturoSpirits

I was born in Lima, Peru like my father before me. His father (My grandfather) Pedro Venturo Zapata owned the Hacienda Higuereta…

#VenturoSpirits is a private family liquor label started in 2012 by Jack Venturo

“NEGOCIACION VINICOLA PEDRO VENTURO” was founded in 1865 by Pedro Venturo Toledo in the district of Surco, Peru.

It was continued by his son Pedro Venturo Zapata at as “NEGOCIACION VINICOLA PEDRO VENTURO S.A. HACIENDA HIGUERETA Y ANEXOS” at the Hacienda Higuereta in Lima, Peru. in 1917.

It was continued for private use in 1996 by Pedro Venturo Zapata’s son Pedro Venturo Markoch, and his grandson Pedro Venturo Jr. in Lima Peru as “PEDRO VENTURO E HIJOS”, “PISCO VENTURO”, “PISCO HIGUERETA”, & “PISCO MARKOCH”.

In 2012 it was continued, reestablished and rebranded by Pedro Venturo Zapata’s grandson Jack Venturo in Palmdale, California as “VENTURO SPIRITS”.

Today it is just a private family liquor label used to preserve the history and legacy of the Venturo family.

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