I’m #StanleyMerrick #ChesterPepper #SkeksisPuppet #Akasta & #RichieGamble

I’m Jack Venturo, I was born in Lima Peru and have always loved and admired art, filmmaking and puppeteering. In 1995 I was gifted a pair of puppet eyes and built a puppet around them, I would take my puppet Stanley to school and make up stories of how I created him until one day I made a short movie telling the story, later making a sequel. In 2015 I answered a casting call at The Jim Henson Company sending them an audition video, they called me in and picked me to train as a puppeteer, since then I have performed voice over work and puppeteering for The Jim Henson Company, Disney Interactive, Disney+ and others.

Currently I am the puppeteer and voice of #RichieGamblé from the Tachi Palace Casino and I perform and voice #StanleyMerrick #ChesterPepper #Akasta #SkeksisPuppet on TikTok

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Check out my puppeteer/voiceover/cosplay/performer demo reel…