I’m #KruegerJack

I was born in Lima, Peru and when I first arrived to the states in 1990 I discovered Freddy Krueger, I was him for Halloween several times and loved the movies and the character so much that in 2018 I decided to become a cosplayer for fun. it is a BLAST! dreams come true ahahah “dreams” I have been to several conventions and have loved the fan interaction so much, the cosplay community is like none other, I was hired for a real estate commercial “A Haunting at Mountain View” & “Behind the Monsters” a horror movie documentary on Shudder TV. I even featured Krueger in the Halloween special of my grilling and cooking show “Coyote Jack’s Smoke Pit”.

For private events and corporate appearances please contact Bollotta Entertainment: https://www.bollotta.com

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Freddy Krueger guest stars on “Coyote Jack’s Smoke Pit” 2020

Freddy Krueger at “Son of Monsterpalooza” – 2018

Freddy Krueger at “Long Beach Comic-Con” – 2018

Freddy Krueger at “San Diego Comic-Con” – 2018

Freddy Krueger featured in commercial “Stranger Things at Mountain View” – 2018