• Interview with Jack Venturo about his “The X-Files: Syndicate Control” Fan Fiction SpecScript on The X-Cast Blog. The X-Cast 11/09/16
  • Trial By Stone: The Dark Crystal Podcast” (Mentioned at 16:38 Mark) by “Dark Crystal” Fan Film Winner Kristin Dalleske “The Promise” She talks about the would be possible collaboration and his push and inspiration for her to create her film. – Interview by Phillip Mitchell. 05/30/16




  • Pixelated Geek = Pictures
  • Parks & Cons = YouTube Clip (12:30 Mark)
  • Art Nerd Los Angeles = Article/Picture “This is basically the best thing. I really love how Jackorama takes the piss out of popular culture. Brilliant.” – Art Nerd
  • The L.A. Beat = Article/Pictures “I almost forgot to go to one last display (but not really)—booth 209, that of my newfound friend I have met upon entry, Jack Venturo in the guise of “Jackorama”—a veritable festival of dioramas. Though I have loved many displays, this one takes the cake and is the perfect cherry on the proverbial ice cream Sundae that has been today’s lunch, dinner and dessert all in one! Moreover, dioramas have always intrigued me since I was a little girl for their homemade dollhouse appeal and later as an actress for their miniature stage/set emulation. Jack Venturo is not present but his friend and writing partner John is. He informs me that while he and Jack write screenplays, Jack always loved making dioramas as a child. Eventually he started getting recognition for his work and now whenever he finds an action figure, he enjoys creating scenes from various movies surrounding it. My favorites would have to be the scenes featuring Han Solo encased in carbonite, Boba Fett waiting at a bus stop in front of a very active Sarlacc pit and the “Psycho” house mounted on an all-too-organic looking hill.” – Jennifer K. Hugus (The LA Beat)



  • iCNN with Cherry Davis = YouTube Video (11:50 Mark)
  • Reality & Reverie = Mention/Picture
  • “Doris Vader. This was by far the highlight of DCon for me. Artist Jack Venturo a.k.a Jackorama had a beautiful sculpture of a more delightful take on our favorite villain. Eye catching, it was, and sadly tagged as “SOLD” You can see more of Jack’s work on his website. Believe it or not, a little birdie told me that Jack is a set designer on Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken, very suiting given his great work with figurines.” – Samantha Swenke (Reality & Reverie) 11/07/11


  • “Jack lives and breathes his craft of film making. It was a pleasure being directed by such an energetic entity and to collaborate ideas on his film The Death of Tempo. He really is open to suggestions and does not force his actors to do anything too uncomfortable. He will push his actors to a point where they need to go but with ease and comfort. So when it once might have been uncomfortable he allowed me to feel right in my skin. I would love to work with him again.” – David Haverty (OddDogPictures) 09/15/09


  • “I had the honor or working with Jack and I was impressed by his boundless energy and attention to detail. It’s no wonder he’s building sets for Robot Chicken.” – Ben Lazarus (NuggetStudios) 09/25/07


  • “Being an independent filmmaker living in Los Angeles now is like being a composer in Vienna in the 1700s. LA has made me grow more as a visual artist because there is always something to shoot, sketch, paint or photograph.  You can’t be stuck in traffic without wanting to jump out, run up a hill and film a sunset over the mountains.” – Jack Venturo (MovieMaker Magazine – Issue No. 58, Volume 12. LA Stories Filmmaker interview) 04/01/05