Sturtevant Camp – Sierra Madre, CA. (www.sturtevantcamp.com)

Friends of the San Gabriels – Sierra Madre, CA. (www.friendsofthesangabriels.org)


Haiti Mission- Special Needs Kids – Dan Garza GoFundMe

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures – Los Angeles, CA. (www.AcademyMuseum.org)

Grace Resource Center – Lancaster, CA. (www.GraceResources.org)

GLAZA: Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association – Los Angeles, CA. (www.lazoo.org)

CASA: Community Actions Stop Abuse – St. Petersburg, FL. (www.casa-stpete.org)


“Props to History” – TV Show Pilot for Michael Corrie on TikTok – GoFundMe

“Workforce” – Pilot script for short by Gladys Pérez – GoFundMe

“Waiting for the Punchline” – Short Film by Christina Marie Leonard – Seed&Spark

“Over the Top” – A Dark Comedy Short FIlm – IndieGoGo

“SILENCE” – A Short Horror Film – IndieGoGo

“My Friend the Demon” A Short Horror Film – IndieGoGo

“Diorama Parts and Accessories” Hole in the Ground Productions – IndieGoGo

“Rob Faucette and The C Words” – Kickstarter

“WERK” Web Series – IndieGoGo

“Toiley T. Paper – Roll Model!” at the Orlando Fringe – GoFundMe

“SLASH!” Horror Film – IndieGoGo

“Darkk Storage” Horror Film – KickStarter